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100ml8 flavor pictures

Old popsicle
Iced cola
Kumquat lemon
Mixed fruit
Mango smoothie
Ice watermelon
French big pipe
Double apple ice

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Old popsicle: In the midsummer season, come to an old popsicle, the familiar childhood taste, refreshing, let you remember it!
Iced Coke: Summer sweating dripping with this highly-reducing beverage-flavored smoky oil, the entrance feels like drinking iced cola, letting you fall in love with the chilled cola, and can't extricate yourself!
Kumquat Lemon: Kumquat combines the scent of lemon with a pleasant taste, but it is comfortable and not greasy, so you can feel the bourgeoisie!
Mixed fruit: 7 kinds of Southeast Asian tropical fruits such as kiwi fruit mixed together, the feeling of pumping down is very familiar but can't tell what the taste is. If you like fruit, you will fall in love with this smoke oil!
Mango Smoothie: Rich mango flavor, with a hint of coolness, like the feeling of eating real mango smoothie, it will not feel sweet, leaving you with only endless cool feeling!
Ice Watermelon: The crisp and refreshing watermelon meat is fragrant, combined with the natural fresh ice, the mellow aroma of the melon skin echoes in the cavity, and the tender flesh is the best choice for summer!
French pipe: The strong tobacco scent, the taste is mellow and thick, and the cigar-like thickness in the softness of the flue-cured tobacco makes you linger!
French pipe tobacco brings the original flavor of the tobacco leaves in the sun, and the subtle nutty flavor, the rich aroma highlights the essence of tobacco, the aftertaste is clean and comfortable, because of this, the French tobacco flavor has become a Interested in the taste!
Double apple ice: The mixed fruity taste of green apple and red apple, the taste is smooth and soft, and the balanced taste re-examines the aroma of apple, letting you enjoy the fun of double apples!

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